Get Involved

There are many ways you can help FPN. We want NETs to be part of our efforts to support the NET program, and Teams with fundraising, advocacy, education, and more.

Volunteer for one of the following committees: Finance, Development, Equity, Teams, Communications and Technology, Advocacy

We especially need NETs to help plan and execute NET Fair. (See our Events page.)

(Below are links to Neighborhood Emergency Team information)  

Become a NET Member

Anyone who lives or works in Portland is invited to take NET training for free. Over 3500 volunteers have completed basic training. Join them today, with the four steps below!

Become a NET ARO

The NET program needs more Amateur Radio operators to provide critical communications during disasters where normal communications may be disrupted.

Join a team

Portland’s Neighborhood Emergency Teams needs more members to help plan responses to emergencies that may affect you and your neighbors.

Join us: volunteer, donate and advocate.

[email protected]

Friends of Portland NET, PO Box 14591 Portland OR 97293