FPN News and Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FPN doing right now?
  • We produced a celebration of 30 years of the NET program on June 1, 2024, which was attended by 110 NETs, family members and invited guests. A delicious breakfast buffet was prepared by NETs Sheryl Keele and Loren Perry. Speakers included Alice Busch, with Multnomah County Emergency Management & NET, and Jordan Wiley, PBEM Deputy Director. Jeremy Van Keuren presented challenge coins, and FPN presented Jeremy and Glenn each with plaques which read: In appreciation for the years of service you have given to Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team volunteers. They were given a standing ovation by the attendees.
  • We have completed the distribution of donated supplies to all NET teams who requested them.
  • We facilitated two Realignment Listening Sessions, which gave NETs the chance to dialogue about proposed changes to the NET program.
  • Equity: An Emergency Sanitation Committee has been established, led by Merilee Karr, with the goal of distributing information and supplies to underserved communities. We are storing donated 5 gallon buckets, and were gifted many PEE and POO stickers by Metro, which we are happy to provide to any NETs who would like them. Additional Sanitation Committee members are welcomed.
  • Communications: We are looking into supporting Teams with Google Workspace.
  • Advocacy: We contacted NETs and encouraged them to submit testimony regarding the city budget as it pertains to the NET program. Over 100 NETs submitted testimony.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: We have established fiscal agreements with a number of NET teams, and will be reaching out to the others. Information on teams holdings has been mailed to Team Leads. We are providing fiscal sponsorship for NET Camp.
  • We are working to expand and diversify the Board of FPN.
How can I participate in FPN?

We are interested in your input: What do you think should be FPN’s focus, priorities, goals?  Have a great idea for us?  We want NETs to be part of our efforts to support the NET program, and NET Teams with fundraising, advocacy, education, and more.

Volunteer for a committee: Finance, Equity, Development, Communication & Technology or Advocacy.  

Use the form to the right to contact us.

What will FPN do with my financial contribution?

First, we need funds to operate FPN: PO Box, website, accountant, insurance, etc. Second, we plan to use funds that are donated to support teams in a variety of ways.  

We are working on setting up a way to donate directly to individual teams. Right now, all donations made on this website will go into the general FPN fund. Contact us if you want to donate to a specific NET team.

What is the best way to contribute to FPN?

You can donate with a credit card through the DONATE button above.  You can also mail a check to us at PO Box 14591  Portland  OR 97293   

Since online donation costs us fees, a check is preferable.  But we will appreciate your donation however it comes.  

You can also contribute through Benevity, if your employer participates. 

What is Benevity and how does it help FPN?

Benevity provides a donation-processing platform that companies use to power their workplace giving, matching & volunteering programs. You can use Benevity to make donations and have your gift matched by your employer, if they particpate.  FPN has a Benevity account and thanks to a few early donors, funds have already started to come our way.

Funds donated via Benevity will be deposited to FPNs General Fund. 

You can find us on under the name Friends of Portland NET.

Contact us to volunteer, ask a question or share a concern

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Join us: volunteer, donate and advocate.

[email protected]

Friends of Portland NET, PO Box 14591 Portland OR 97293